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Acai Packets

Energy Foods International is a brand that is dedicated to providing people with powders from fruits of the Amazon forest that are of the highest quality. They are packed with nutrients that are beneficial to your health by helping to prevent diseases and illnesses, keeping your brain and heart healthy, and helping with your overall quality of life.

Our products also help the Amazon by supporting its inhabitants and helping them to grow more plants and help to take care and restore the forest. One of the products we are proud to distribute to customers straight from the Amazon is our acai packets.

What is acai?

Acai is a purple fruit that comes from the Amazon. It is a superfood that is rich in antioxidants, sometimes even more abundant in antioxidants than other berries, like cranberries, blackberries, or blueberries. We turn our acai berries into powder because acai berries do not last fresh very long. By turning them into a powdered product, we are able to keep the nutrients and allows you to add acai into your favorite item of food.

Acai powder is very versatile and can be added to foods and beverages of your choice. It can be added for the flavor or because you want its health benefits. Smoothies are a great way to use the acai packets because they can be turned into a nutrient-rich, delicious, healthy drink, post-workout drink, or dessert.

Nutrients in acai berries

Besides being rich in antioxidants, acai berries are full of fiber and can help with constipation. Acai berries can also help to keep you full and help to keep your blood sugar steady. This can help with weight loss because it can curb your appetite and help you to eat less frequently because you will not be as hungry.

The fats that acai berries contain are good for your heart. Acai is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and this type of fat can help lower your risk of coronary heart disease. You can also improve your cholesterol by consuming foods with more omega-3 fatty acids.

If you are lactose intolerant and need help consuming more calcium, acai is also a great way to go. Acai berries are high in calcium, and this will help with your bones, your heart, muscles, and nerves. It will keep them healthy and strong.

What else makes acai berries healthy?

The anthocyanins in acai can help with arthritis because it has anti-inflammatory effects. The nutrients in acai berries also help with antiaging, weight loss, and high cholesterol. Keep in mind that while acai berries are packed with nutrients and will help you add those nutrients to your daily food intake, it is important to note that acai berries will not solve health issues that stem from a bad diet.

In order for the health benefits to help, it must be accompanied by a healthy diet as well. You will become a healthier person if you exercise and have a proper diet, along with including fruits like acai into your diet.

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