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Acai Powder Bowl Recipe

Energy Foods International specializes in providing customers with high-quality fruit powders that are sourced directly from the Amazon. Energy Foods International donates a portion of the proceeds to the Amazon forest to help the inhabitants plant new trees and plants in order to sustain the Amazon forest.

We have lost 17% of the Amazon forest in the last 50 years, so it is very important that we preserve the Amazon. Helping the natives plant more and helping them to understand when to plant certain things will be a great help to them and the rest of humanity.

Acai Powders

One of the products we are proud to create is our premium acai powder. Acai is much more abundant in antioxidants than almost any berry we currently know of that are rich in antioxidants. Our premium acai berry powder keeps all of the nutrients and antioxidant that are present in acai and presents it in the form of powder, which is much easier to handle and to use. Acai powder also has a much longer shelf-life than the berries would, and it is easier to store than the berries. There are many different ways to use the powder, instead of eating the berries by themselves. You can add the powder to almost anything, and you can make smoothies and acai powder bowls.


What is an acai powder bowl?

An acai powder bowl is a breakfast, snack, or light lunch, that has an acai base, and other fruits and nuts added to it. An acai base is usually acai powder blended with other fruits that are typically frozen along with water, coconut water, or juice to create a delicious, thick, smoothie-like consistency. Other fruits like bananas, strawberries, coconut shavings, and nuts are added on top to make a colorful and delightful combination.

You can find an acai powder bowl recipe online. There are many different ones, and they are all very customizable to you. You can choose to add whatever you like, and you can switch it up depending on when you are consuming your acai bowl. You can make different ones for breakfast, as a snack, or even for dessert. Either way you choose to make them, they will be healthier than your typical snack or dessert.

Acai bowls pack a lot of nutrients into one bowl, and best of all, it is very delicious. Adding nuts will also make your bowl much more filling so you can have a filling breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch.

How healthy is an acai powder bowl?

Because acai bowls are very customizable, you can make it as healthy as you like. The typical acai powder bowl contains only fruits and nuts, which is very healthy for you and will allow you to have your recommended servings of fruit for the day. You can add sugar, pieces of chocolate, or juice to yours if you want to make it for dessert, but none of that is necessary for your acai powder bowl recipe to be delicious.

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