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Best Acai Powder

Energy Foods International provides customers with the best acai powder available. We source it directly from the Amazon, and we also donate a portion of all the proceeds to help protect the Amazon and to support the inhabitants. We are passionate about keeping the Amazon rainforest alive. It would be detrimental to humanity if we were to lose it.

If we were to lose the Amazon rainforest, so many people would be losing their homes and the earth would be losing an amazing part of nature. We need more forests like the Amazon that is home to so many animals and living beings. We cannot afford to lose it which is why we donate to the cause.

Our acai powders are freeze-dried and then turned into powder to preserve its natural nutrients. Acai is packed with antioxidants which fights inflammation in the body and keeps your cells healthy.


How can I consume acai powder?

Our acai powder can be made into a delicious smoothie. You can blend it with a milk or water of your choice and any other fruits, powders, or supplements you would like to add. It will be a great addition to your protein shakes or simply to have as a nice cold smoothie on a hot day.

The smoothies can also make a great breakfast and can be filling if you add healthy fats and protein to it. If you have a busy lifestyle, you can make this the night before and keep it in the fridge for you to have on the go in the morning.


You can also use Energy Foods International premium acai powder as an acai base for an acai bowl. This is also a tasty and healthy option which is also very versatile and can be customized in any way you like. You can also make these in advance to store in the fridge for whenever you are craving or snack or for a quick breakfast.


Does your acai powder have any added sugars?

No, our Energy Foods International premium acai powder does not have any added sugars, which makes it great for anyone who wants pure, nutrient-rich acai powder. If you want to add a little sweetness, you can add sugar, honey, syrup, non-sugar sweeteners, or anything else you want to add, but our acai powder alone does not have any sugar.


One serving of our premium acai powder, which is one tablespoon is only 3o calories, and it is packed with vitamins and nutrients. This makes it perfect if you are being careful about consuming too much sugar or are wanting to lose weight because our product will not hinder your progress but only make you feel better.


We love helping our clients by providing them with the best acai powders that will help them add a little bit of flavor and a little bit of nutrition to their lifestyle. We want you to be as healthy as possible, so we make our product with care and as natural as possible.

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