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Guarana has been used as a stimulant for countless generations in Brazil.

The active ingredient in Guarana is Guaranine similar to caffeine without the buzz-crash effect of coffee. Guaranine is marketed in the U.S. in many energy drinks.

Sustained Energy


The body absorbs Guarana slowly, resulting in a sustained level of energy and alertness,

For people who don’t like coffee’s bitterness, guaraná’s neutral flavor is a good alternative.


Guaraná is:

  • Perfect as a pre-workout supplement or a boost during a long day at the office

  • An effective appetite suppressant, ideal for those losing weight

  • Rich in saponins and tannins, which have antioxidant properties


Today you can reap the benefits of Guarana by adding our nutrient-dense powder to:


  • Non-caffeinated beverages and juices

  • Smoothies, yogurt and ice cream 

  • Oatmeal and cereal 


Give your body a Bomba Boost!

Premium Guarana Powder

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