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How to Use Acai Powder

Energy Foods International gives customers access to the delicious and nutrient-packed fruits that can only be grown in the Amazon rainforest. These fruits, like acai, guarana, and acerola do not have a very long shelf-life and do not last long fresh. Energy Foods International is dedicated to creating a product that will allow the customers to enjoy acai, guarana, and acerola and its health benefits without having to travel directly to the Amazon.

The way we do it is by creating a powder. Our powders do not lose any of the nutrients that are naturally found in these fruits, and they are very versatile because they can be added to whatever food or liquid you like.

How to use Acai Powder

Acai powder can be used in many forms; for example, it can be added directly to ground coffee, espresso, and matcha. You can make smoothies out of it, add it to yogurt, or make acai ice cream. You can also add it to store-bought ice cream if you wish. Acai powder also goes well on oatmeal and cereals and can be used in dessert recipes.

There are many other different ways and ideas on how to use acai powder, and you can get as creative as you want or find a recipe online. Acai bowls are another favorite food item currently, and while they are largely sold at a lot of healthy restaurants and smoothie bars, they are easy to make at home.

How can I use acai powder to make an acai bowl?

Acai powders are used to make acai bowls by creating the delicious acai base that goes in all acai bowls. All you have to do is blend fresh or frozen fruit in a blender along with your acai powder and a liquid, such as water or juice or even milk. The frozen fruit is an excellent option if you want your base to be more smoothie-like, or if it is a hot day and you are craving something fresh.

After you have your acai base, you are free to add as many toppings as you like. The popular acai bowl usually has bananas, strawberries, sometimes other berries like blueberries, and nuts and coconut shavings. These ingredients together make for a delightful, refreshing, and healthy snack, breakfast, or even to eat as a light lunch.

The versatility of the acai bowl makes it so easy to throw together because there are no set ingredients you must use. You can use whatever you like or whatever fruit or nuts you have sitting around at home. You can even make a small batch of acai bowls and keep them refrigerated for whenever you need a snack or to have your breakfast already made and waiting for you in the morning.

Energy Foods International is proud to be able to offer you this fantastic ingredient. Our powders are directly from the Amazon rainforest, so you know you are getting an authentic and high-quality product while also helping to support the Amazon and the people who live there.

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