Energy Foods International LLC is actively pursuing companies from Brazil and Latin America that are interested in entering the U.S. Market.  We focus on products that are natural and healthy and fit within our product profile.  

Incorporated in 2014 Energy Foods International has been pursing companies that manufacture Natural Products from Brazil and Latin America and are considering entering the US Market thru traditional channels as well as thru e-commerce. Our marketing strategies center on increasing our product offering thru brand loyalty. Today's competitive landscape requires dynamic marketing strategies in both the digital and traditional channels to gain market penetration. 

Energy Foods Internacional’s Directors have extensive background in Brazilian Culture and sophisticated understanding of the Brazilian and American business environment.


Our management team has a unique blend of the American/Brazilian mindset to take ‘Made in Brazil' Products and launch them in the US Market(s).


Our Services include:


  • Evaluation of your Company for the U.S. Market

  • Requirements for entering the U.S. Market

  • Product Import Documentation

  • Product Packaging Redesign 

  • Product Certification Requirements

  • Distribution Channel Evaluation

  • Accounting 

  • Banking


If your firm is interested in having a presence in the US Market please contact us:


9300 South Dadeland Blvd Suit 600

Miami FL 33156



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