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“Food manufacturers looking to infuse their products with unique and nutritious ingredients can use our Bomba brands individually or as a comprehensive set for maximum health benefits,” said Alex Mathieson, managing director and co-founder of Energy Foods International. “For their part, retailers can respond to consumer demand by stocking our fruit powders, which are an ideal ingredient in smoothies, a staple in the diet of health-conscious Americans.” 


Food manufacturers and retailers can rely on Energy Foods’ Brazilian-American team for their personal knowledge of the Amazon rainforest and Brazilian business practices, unmatched by any other company in the business. 


In this hyper-aware and socially conscious environment, food manufacturers and retailers interested in building sustainable and ethical brands have yet another reason for using Energy Foods International as a supplier. 


The company is donating a portion of its revenues to help fund Aryiamuru, a project connecting rainforest inhabitants with biologists, engineers and other technical experts provided by 100% Amazonia. 


About Energy Foods International

Florida-based Energy Foods International sells pure and nutritious food ingredients from the Amazon rainforest to food manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Its first line of products consists of three fruit powders: Bomba Açaí, one of the world’s richest sources of antioxidants; Bomba Acerola Cherry, which has twice as much Vitamin C as oranges; and Bomba Guaraná, which has twice as much caffeine as coffee while providing a sustained source of energy and antioxidants, too. The company will introduce other fruit-based products later in 2018.


  Visit/Contact: •  • 844-77BOMBA (toll free in U.S.)

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