Energy Foods International Launches 
at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif.

Energy Foods (Expo Booth 7109) sells pure and nutritious fruit powders from the Amazon rainforest to food manufacturers, retailers and consumers 


Miami, Fla.—March 7, 2018—Energy Foods International today is launching its global business capabilities at the Natural Products Expo West after four years of market  research and growing consumer demand in the South Florida market. The company is also announcing a humanitarian partnership with 100% Amazonia, a social enterprise focused on preserving the Amazon rainforest and protecting the interests of its inhabitants.


Representatives of Energy Foods International are attending the expo, taking place March 7-11 in Anaheim, Calif., to present their first line of products – Bomba Açaí, Bomba Acerola Cherry and Bomba Guaraná. Expo attendees can visit Energy Foods International at Booth 7109.


“Food manufacturers looking to infuse their products with unique and nutritious ingredients can use our Bomba brands individually or as a comprehensive set for maximum health benefits,” said Alex Mathieson, managing director and co-founder of Energy Foods International. “For their part, retailers can respond to consumer demand by stocking our fruit powders, which are an ideal ingredient in smoothies, a staple in the diet of health-conscious Americans.” 


Food manufacturers and retailers can rely on Energy Foods’ Brazilian-American team for their personal knowledge of the Amazon rainforest and Brazilian business practices, unmatched by any other company in the business. 


In this hyper-aware and socially conscious environment, food manufacturers and retailers interested in building sustainable and ethical brands have yet another reason for using Energy Foods International as a supplier. 


The company is donating a portion of its revenues to help fund Aryiamuru, a project connecting rainforest inhabitants with biologists, engineers and other technical experts provided by 100% Amazonia. 


About Energy Foods International

Florida-based Energy Foods International sells pure and nutritious food ingredients from the Amazon rainforest to food manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Its first line of products consists of three fruit powders: Bomba Açaí, one of the world’s richest sources of antioxidants; Bomba Acerola Cherry, which has twice as much Vitamin C as oranges; and Bomba Guaraná, which has twice as much caffeine as coffee while providing a sustained source of energy and antioxidants, too. The company will introduce other fruit-based products later in 2018.   Visit/Contact: •  • 844-77BOMBA (toll free in U.S.)