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Our Vision


The more we as individuals care about our health, the more we value the places where our food is grown. That core belief drives our goals: commercialize pure and nutritious plant-based food from the Amazon rainforest, protect the habitat, and support the people who live there.

We introduced our first brand of fruit powder, Bomba Acai, in 2014. Just in time for Spring 2018, we are introducing Bomba Acerola Cherry and Bomba Guarana. We will launch a new line of products later this year.

We are offering our portfolio of powders to North American food manufacturers looking to infuse their finished products with unique and on-trend ingredients. At the same time, consumers can improve their health by adding our organic powders to smoothies and oatmeal, ice cream and lattes.

What makes Energy Foods extra-special is the relationship we want to have with you and the world. Indeed, the Brazilian rainforest is dear to us. While two of our team members, Láercio and Antonio, grew up there, Alex and William are Americans who have volunteered and/or worked in the Amazon and São Paulo for several decades. 


We are donating a portion of our revenues to help fund Aryiamuru, a project connecting rainforest inhabitants with biologists, engineers and other technical experts provided by 100% Amazonia. A social enterprise, 100% Amazonia is based in Belém, the capital of Brazil’s northern state of Pará at the edge of the rainforest.


Through Aryiamuru, diverse teams work together to analyze the soil, identify flora and fauna, and determine which plants to harvest, and when. This cooperative approach enables for an exchange of traditional knowledge and the latest scientific and ecological research. Villagers also learn how to organize themselves around production schedules, thus creating an efficient and strong infrastructure reflecting cultural norms.


More info on our products and philanthropy can be found throughout our site. If you’d like to get in touch, send a note to or call 844 - 77BOMBA (26622).

Local from the Amazon
Harvesting Acai

Energy Foods International:

Your Amazon Business Connection

Energy Foods International and their humanitarian partner – 100% Amazonia – are developing tools to protect their livelihoods and habitat of the rainforest communities in Brazil.


Energy Foods is donating a portion of its revenues from their plant-based products. Their products are sold to food manufacturers, retailers and health-conscious consumers – Bomba Acai, Bomba Acerola Cherry and Bomba Guarana.


The company’s donations are helping to fund a charitable endeavor  –The  Aryiamuru Project– which connects rainforest inhabitants with biologists, engineers and other technical experts provided by 100% Amazonia. 


In Our Nature


The company’s social consciousness reflects the team’s local roots and their commitment to preserving the Amazon.


For his part, Alex first volunteered in the Amazon in his 20s. Since then he has raised funds for the World Vision Hospital Ship, which transports volunteer doctors, nurses and dentists to tributaries where they provide polio vaccines and other health care services. On behalf of Mission 500, he has sponsored children, raised funds for orphanages and centers protecting abused or abandoned children in Mexico, Latin America and the U.S.


“The Amazon needs stewardship,” Alex says, noting that 17% of the Amazon rainforest has been lost in the last 50 years. “The indigenous people don’t destroy what feeds and clothes them, and that’s in our nature, too.” 

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