Alexander Mathieson

Managing Director

Alexander Mathieson, co-founder of Energy Foods International, leads North American sales of the company’s plant-based food ingredients to North American food manufacturers.


Prior to launching Energy Foods in 2014, Alex managed security industry sales and distribution organizations for more than 20 years throughout Latin America.  His background includes executive management positions with Tyco Integrated Security, Schneider Electric’s Pelco division, and Arecont Vision.


As a volunteer in Brazil, in his mid-20s, Alex became committed to preserving the Amazon rainforest and protecting the indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years.


Since then he has raised funds for the World Vision Hospital Ship, which transports volunteer doctors, nurses and dentists to Amazon River tributaries where they provide polio vaccines and other health care services. On behalf of Mission 500, he has sponsored children, raised funds for orphanages and centers protecting abused or abandoned children in Mexico, Latin America and the U.S.


Alex has an Executive MBA in international business from the University of Miami, is married with one adult child, and is an accomplished ensemble guitarist studying with renown composers in Latin America and the United States. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

William Barshop

Managing Director

William Barshop, co-founder of Energy Foods International, manages strategic partnerships in North America.


Prior to launching Energy Foods in 2014, William managed security industry sales and distribution organizations for more than 20 years throughout Latin America. During his business career he worked and lived in São Paulo, where he became fluent in Portuguese. His corporate background includes executive management positions with Samsung Techwin and Avigilon.


Since his initial visit to Brazil in the late 80’s, William has had a deep interest in the Amazon’s people and biodiversity. A financial contributor to WWF, William has humanitarianism in his DNA. Since Day 1 at Energy Foods, William has been committed to donating a portion of revenues to Aryiamuru, a project protecting indigenous land rights and ensuring fair trade.


William has an undergraduate degree in business administration and economics from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He enjoys the outdoors and exercising on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Laercio Goncalves


Láercio Gonçalves is a computer scientist and entrepreneur. 


He was born in Pará and grew up in Amazonas, two northern states of Brazil situated in the rainforest. His upbringing in the Amazon – home to more than half of the planet’s 10 million species of animals, plants and insects – supplies Energy Foods with connections to the region far surpassing its competitors. Energy Foods’ clients rely on Láercio’s personal stories about the region’s culture, business practices and habitat.


Láercio has founded and/or invested in three companies in urban areas surrounding the rainforest:

·      IT firm MCM Tecnologia

·      Property management company Lago Participacoes

·      Document-management company Archivum Servicos Administrativos


In Florida he is managing partner of Blue Lagoon USA, also in the IT sector.  

Láercio has a master’s in systems engineering and computation from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a business administration degree from the Federal University of Amazonas. He has published numerous technical papers and was an adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Sciences at FUA.

Antonio Rhossard

LatAm Business Development Director

Antonio is a real estate developer and builder born in Belém, located in Brazil’s Northern state of Pará in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. For the past 20 years, he has divided his time between his hometown and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


He’s founded several Florida companies: DC-10 Development Corp., Shelter Real Estate Investment Corp., and White Sands Condo. In Brazil, he owns Fator Construtora e Incorporadora, which has built 2,000 low-income housing units in Belém. He is a graduate of the Rio de Janeiro School of Economics and Business Administration.

Antonio and Energy Foods Founder Alex Mathieson have known each other for 20 years. Admiring the company’s vision and commitment to sustainability, Antonio joined the team as business development director. Energy Foods’ products - açaí, acerola and guaraná - are grown in Belém and surrounding areas. As such, Energy Foods’ partners, suppliers and customers can rely on Antonio’s authenticity from initial contact to final transaction.